Artist's Statement

Photography is indeed the art of seeing. But the lens looks both ways, outward and inward. When an external visual perception collides with an internal recognition a synthesis occurs.

Photography is a form of meditation on details and relationships between physical forms. The actual work is a self-contained universe: totally absorbing. The forms and the light reveal themselves in new and sometimes startling ways.

One wants the viewer to be surprised, even puzzled. It is reality as they know it but not quite. It is this tension between recognizable forms and a new configuration that creates visual interest.

The photographs reflect the process that generated them, a deep seeing meditation.



Devorah Friedman grew up in Montreal where she attended Concordia University. She studied English Literature and Cinema.

She currently resides in Ottawa with her husband and seven of their ten children. Devorah continues to work with 35mm. All of the image manipulation in her work happens inside the camera.

In 2002 Devorah had a one woman show. Read the review.